mirc screen shots

mIRC Screen Shots

    Here is a sequence of what mIRC  will look like, as you start it and go step by step setting it up.

When mIRC first loads, it will look like this:
Note, there will be no name "Chatmag" when yours loads.


When mIRC is loaded, click on the second icon from the left, just below the pull down menu under Tools,  it looks like a file folder. This will open the mIRC Setup dialog box. The first tab in this window is IRC Servers, on newer mIRC versions, this is the Connect Tab.

Follow the set up instructions, and add your personal information in the boxes.

Here is the next tab, Local Info. Try the settings as they appear, substituting your Local Host name, usually your ISP or network name. ATTENTION DSL USERS. You may experience difficulty when attempting to DCC Send, in that case, come back to this Setup in your mIRC, and change the "Lookup Method" to Server. You may also need to change the "On connect, always get" to Local Host. Try the Lookup Method first before changing any other settings.


Next is Options on newer mIRC versions. These can be left as shown.

Perform Tab.  This is for advanced mIRC users, to enable commands to perform.

Local Info Tab.

These settings can be used as shown.

Identd Tab. In the UserID box, put anything you like, without spaces. We generally use "Chatmag". Most chat networks require the Enable Identd server enabled.


Firewall Tab. If you are behind a corporate or other firewall, see your Administrator for proper settings.


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