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    One of the best things about chat is that it is a safe way to talk to others, and remain anonymous.  Rather than having pen pals, who by necessity have your mailing address, or phone pals, who now  have your home phone number, Internet chat keeps your identity secret. The people you chat with know only as much as you want them to know. 

    It is possible for someone to see your IP address, what Internet Service Provider you are using.  Each time you log into your Internet Service Provider, they will assign a different number to you, unless you have a permanent IP address, assigned by your ISP.  Simply having your IP address will not give anyone any more information about you. 

Click Here to get your IP address.

    In some cases, such as using Nuke Nabber, a persons IP address can be found, however your ISP will not give out any information as to who you are. Only in the most extreme cases will an ISP give any information out. An example would be someone seriously threatening suicide. In which case, the ISP cooperates with law enforcement to track down the person.  Normally, you should never worry that your personal information is being given out. 

    When you log into chat, you choose a chat nickname.  When any of the Chatmag Staff are working in chat, we use the nick name "Chatmag".   Your first line of defense is to choose a chat nickname that is not your real name, or location.

Pete_Carr_in_Winchester_Va would be a giveaway! But, unfortunately, we do see people using their names in chat.  Pick a nickname that describes you, without giving away any personal info. Be creative, and use the _ between names if you need to separate your nickname. Some IRC servers, such as Undernet, do not allow nicknames that are very long, so experiment a little. 

    Second, know the chat channels you are in. It helps to find a few favorite chat channels, and become a regular there. As the other regulars get to know you, you will find that everyone looks out for each other, and don't hesitate to ask the channel Op's for assistance with someone who is making you nervous, or if you have any question. Their job is to make everyone's chat experience a safe and fun activity! If you are in a chat channel, or Yahoo or other unmoderated chat, there are several ways to block people whom you find offensive.

Yahoo and other web based chat Information

    In Yahoo Chat, the first line of your defense is to highlight the person bothering you, and ignoring them. This keeps you from seeing anything they say. They can, however, exit the room, and re-enter, and the ignore process starts over again.  At this point, you can put them on ignore again, you can exit the room for a while, or, you can click the help button in Yahoo chat, and find the section, reporting chat abuse. We have had very good luck in dealing with the Yahoo Staff, and we recommend that you report any abuse to them.

   Also, if using Yahoo Chat, do not put any personal information on your profile, or give links to web sites that contain your personal information, such as a phone number, real name, or address. We've received reports of people capturing personal information from linked pages and harassing Yahoo chatters. If you do want people to contact you, use a Post Office Box number, or other third party mailing address, never your own home address or phone number. 

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