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Monday, 27 July 2009 15:33

The owner of Chatmag.com Pete Carr, is running for Governor of Colorado.

Please visit my Facebook page, and web site. Follow me on Twitter @CarrForGovofCo


Chatmag Featured Sites:

The Right Scoop has opened a new Chat Room. Drop in and say hi.

Newsbusters.org Operating an IRC chat channel, use your IRC client and connect by typing

/server live.newsbusters.org

Once connected, type

/join #states

U.S State Department Live Chat Schedule. Various featured guest chatters.

Editor's Choice Featured Site:
Political News and discussion from around the world.
IRC Chat Information for #theworldforum Channel.

DCjunkies.com Discussion Forum.

Chatmag's News Chat Room, Discuss the Issues of the Day in our Live Chat.



#space_politics  on irc.freenode.net 
Space Politics principal subject is politics, however our site covers space, politics, technology, news, blogs. etc.


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Chatmag Forums and Chat Listings.

Chatmag's Howard Dean and Democratic Party Discussion Board.

Chatmag's Political Discussion Forum.

Chatmag's 2004 Presidential Election Discussion Board.

Chatmag's Republican National Convention Discussion Forum.

News:  Cabinet Members Resign. Discuss this news event in our Discussion Forum.

Internet Chats and Discussion Forums.

Americanpoliticsandmore.com Discussion Forum.
Forum for discussions on politics, the Middle East, religion, economics, sociology issues in the US, US and World News as well as just a section for fun and frivolity.

Americanpoliticsforum.com Bipartisan US political discussion forum.

American Stew. Discussion Forum. A tasty blend of politics, news, current events and social interaction.
Primarily political in nature. Regular on-site chat every Sunday night at 8 pm Eastern.

Ask the White House.  Scheduled Chats and Discussion Forum.

Ralph Nader announces he is running, discuss this new turn of events on our discussion board.

4-Lane.comPolitical Chat Rooms

The American Partisan.  Discussion Board.

Barack Obama.  Blog with Discussion Capability.

Blue State of Mind. Discussion Forum.

BushCountry.org  Discussion Board.

Campaigns Wikia. New Wiki site from Jimmy Wales, of Wikipedia.

Capitolgrilling.com Non-partisan discussion forum and home of The Political Parlor Game. Discuss. Debate. Interact.

Celebrity pundits message board on Chatmag. Share your thoughts regarding celebrities speaking out on political issues.

Conservative Chat from The Heritage Foundation.

Conservativediscussion.com  Discussion Forum.

Conservative's Chat Room.

Dailykos.com  Blog with Discussion Capability.

DCjunkies.com Discussion Forum.

Democraticunderground.com  Discussion Forum.

Democracyinteractive.com Chat Room.

Economic Justice Discussion Board.

Elections2008chat.com Chat Room.

Flag.blackened.net  Discussion Forum.

Forclark.com  Blog with Discussion Capability.

FreeRepublic.com  Discussion Boards.

Freyburg.com Blog with Discussion Capability.

Fridgefilms.com  Blog with Discussion Capability.

Headwaters Forum.  Discussion Forum.

IRCPolitics.org Irc Chat Rooms.

Irregularnews.com  Discussion Forum.

JVpolitics.com Discussion Forum.

Kuro5hin.org  Discussion Boards.

KVOI Radio, Tucson Az.  Discussion Forum.

The Last Retort. Chat Room.

The Last Retort. Discussion Forum.

Left to Right. Discussion Forum.

Liberalforum.org Political forum, including discussions pertaining to talk radio.

Liberty Forum.  Discussion Forum.

Libertynewsforum.com Discussion Forum.

Lucianne.com Discussion Board.

2nd Interactive Philadelphia Mayors Forum 2003 Discussion Board.

MSN Chat.   Create a free user profile and log in.  Several Political chat rooms available.

National Politics Simulation.  Discussion Forum.

The Nuge Board.  Ted Nugent's Message Board, on a variety of topics.

PipeBombNews.com   Town Hall Message Board.  PipeBombNews.com is the fastest growing political community on the Internet.  We feature original journalism, breaking news, opinion, and a directory of the top news stories of the day.

Political-Debate.org Discussion.

Political Forum.

Politics.com Discussion.

Political Postings.  Chat Room.

Political Postings.  Message Board.

Politicschatroom.com  Chat Room.

Protestwarrior.com  Discussion Board.

Politicalbrawlhall.com Discussion Forum.

Political Stew.  Discussion Forum.

PubForum   Political Message board.

Publicpolicychat.com Chat Room and Discussion Forum.

Purplequestions.com  Discussion Forum with a new concept.  Asking
people to join color groups (blue=liberal, purple=moderate, red=conservative) and then ask questions for members of other groups, who have the exclusive right to respond.

Rant Web.  Conservative Discussion Forum.

Rightnation.us Conservative Discussion Forum.

Salon.com Fee Based Discussion Boards.

Slanted Facts.  Discussion Forum that looks at the Slanted Facts and exposes the facts as they really are.

The Smoke Filled Room.  Discussion Forum.

"The National Immigration Advisory Committee (NIAC) exists to help find workable solutions to fix our current, failing immigration system, by creating a productive national debate and dialogue that will lead Congress to pass, as soon as possible, well-reasoned, immigration reform that addresses genuine issues and concerns on all sides of this debate." NAIC is setting up a discussion forum, please see their site for details.

Talkingpointsmemo.com 'Blog.

Tammy Bruce.  Yahoo! Group. The author of  "The New Thought Police".

TNUSA.  Ted Nugent's Chat Room, on a variety of topics.

Washingtontalk.org  Discussion Board.

Theworldforum.org  Discussion Forum.

VPPolitics.com  Chat and Discussions. Like to stay informed on current events and debate the latest issues? Then you just might be a political junkie and this is the place for you!

Visit our Political Chat for live debates 24/7 and stop by our Political Forums to start a topic for discussion or join one already in progress. 

A World Where wRong is wRight.  Blog with Discussion Capability.

Yahoo Chat.  Login or create a free profile, and enter the Political Chat Lobby.

Your-voice.us Live Chat Rooms. Well worth a look, no matter what you're affiliation.

The Zone.  Political debate on a variety of topics  mainly current events. Geneal chat on topics such as music, astrology, creative writing, satire and more.

Related Internet Web Sites

Justice Talking.  "Justice Talking Live is quickly becoming America’s source for popular legal news and insightful discussion on the hot-button legal issues we all read about, think about and talk about everyday. The weekly, two-hour, radio talk show looks at the current cases and controversies that come before our nation’s courts and challenge our nation’s conscience. Interviews with experts, advocates and adversaries provide entertaining insight into the arguments for and against the death penalty, affirmative action, gun control, school vouchers and more.  Moderated by legal expert and host Kathryn Kolbert, leading advocates face off in down to earth, free wheeling discussion."
-From the Justice Talking Site-

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