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Monday, 27 July 2009 21:38
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Benvenuti su Inuyasha's portal!  Chat Room (Italian).

Crazed_about_inuyasha.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.  Discussion Board.

Ggundamandinuyasha.  MSN Group.

Il fantastico mondo di Inuyasha.  Discussion Board (Italian).

Inu-Chan's Lair.  Chat Room.

Inuyasha_ANgel90.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

InuYasha.  ICQ Discussion Group.

Inuyasha-fans-around-the-globe.  Yahoo! Discussion Group.

Inuyasha Forest.  Chat Room.

Inuyasha Forever.  Tag Chat (A type of message board).

Inuyasha Lounge.  Chat Room. 

Inuyashaslounge.  MSN Group.

InuYasha Vortex.  MSN Group.

InuYashaWorld.  MSN Group.

InuYasha X RPG.  MSN Group.  Chat Room (Spanish).

Quest for Shikon - Inuyasha.  Chat Room (Belgian).  Chat Room.

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