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Anime IRC Network

Animesecrets IRC
To join one of these networks, open your IRC client and type in
/server  (or other irc network name) and press Enter.

Hikari Anime Chat Client.   Hikari is a chat client dedicated to anime. You can chat with other anime fans, share content, take part in voice sessions, and more. Hikari contains No ads, no spyware, or any other hidden things. Simply 100% freeware.
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1-50 of 50 Listings

Chatmag's Anime Discussion Forum.

Ancient Clan.  Discussion Board.

AnimationHQ.  Scheduled Chat Events. Java Chat Applet. (be sure and choose #animationhq from the drop down channels list.  Chat Room.

AnimeCosmo.  Discussion Forum.

Anime & Gaming Universe.  Discussion Board.  Discussion Forum.

Anime Capsule X.  Chat Room.  Discussion Forum.

Animechat Brazil.  Chat Room.  Chat Room.

Anime Chat Germany.  Chat Room.

Anime Countdown.  Discussion Board.

AnimeFEST.  Chat Room.

Anime Forum Germany.  Discussion Board.  Discussion Board.

Animegamer.  Discussion Board.

Anime-girl Network.  Chat Room.  Chat Room.  Chat Room.

Anime Lyrics.  Chat Room.

Anime News Network.  Discussion Board.  Chat Room (In German).  Discussion Board (Russian).  Chat Room.  Discussion Forum.

The Big Cartoon Forum.  Discussion Board.  Anime Discussion Board.

DOA: Graphic Connection.  Anime, Gaming, and Fanfiction Discussion Forum.

Dub This.  Discussion Board.

Essential Anime Forums.  Discussion Boards.  Discussion Boards.  Chat Room.

The Garden of Dreams.  Discussion Board.

Icchan Laboratory.  Discussion Board.

IGN Chat Anime.  Chat Room.

J-fan.  Chat Room.  Chat Room.  Discussion Forum.

Natalie's CCS & Anime Forums.  Discussion Board.

Neo-Anime Chat.  Chat Room.

Otaku Board.  Discussion Board.

OtakuBoards.  Discussion Board.

Pinoy-Manga.  Discussion Board (Philippines).  Chat Room (In German).

Sakaseyou RPGs.  Discussion Board.  Anime Discussions.

Sponges inc-forum.  Discussion Boards.

Tea'  Discussion Board. Discussion Boards.

Twin Moons.  Discussion Board.

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Pirate Anime FAQ.  A guide to bootleg/pirate/unlicensed/counterfeit goods.

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Parents, not all chat rooms are suitable for children. Review the chat room before allowing your children to chat. Also, please see our Kids Chat Safety Section.