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Monday, 06 July 2009 00:25

You’ve made the decision,  you’ve downloaded mIRC, so what do you do now, you ask? The first steps are to install the mIRC program and put a shortcut on your desktop for easy access. Please make sure you close all open programs before installing mIRC.  Installing mIRC for the first time user is really very simple, just run the *.exe file you downloaded and follow the prompts.

Once installed, you will want to paste a shortcut on your desktop. To do this, simply left click the
mIRC icon from the box containing the program in the group window that is open after the install,  highlight it and right click and choose copy, then right click on any open space on your desktop and left click paste, now you have a shortcut to mIRC on your desktop. Now you are ready to run the program.

First make sure you are connected to the net via your dial-up connection, provided by your ISP. Next double click on the mIRC icon and you will see the setup dialogue box appear.

Screen Shots of mIRC Click Here

Just enter your information, but please, don’t enter any information you don’t want the world to see. The eyes of the world are literally upon you when you chat in IRC. Use your imagination and be as cute or cryptic or scathingly brilliant as you like, in figuring out what your screen persona will be. After you are finished entering your information on the IRC server tab, make sure local host and normal are checked on the local info tab.

Choose a chat NICKNAME that is something that describes you, or a nickname you like. On Dalnet, if the nickname is not registered with NickServ, you do have the option of registering it. Be sure and take full advantage of this Dalnet feature, and register your nickname.  And, once you register your nickname, do not let anyone try and take it from you, there are chat users who will take a number of nicknames, and pose as someone else. (See Posers).

Next is the options tab, just leave the defaults, and last is the Identd tab, just enter a word that you feel some connection to, you can always enter something else there when you understand it better. The last tab, firewall you need never worry about unless you are on a network. Now you can go back to the IRC servers tab and choose a net to chat on and click the connect to server button.

There are specific commands you will want to know in order to make chatting an enjoyable experience. Fist type /list to bring up the channel list. NOTE: If your have children or are easily offended please check the box that excludes alpha-numeric channels located in the box that appears when u click the 6th icon from the left at the top of your mIRC window.Now from the channel list you can scroll through and determine what channel you’d most like to visit. When you find one, right click on it and a small menu box will pop-up and u can choose join channel at the top. Or you can go to status and type /join <#name-of-channel> using the real name of the channel always proceeded by the #.

Once in the channel people will greet you, and may use some cryptic abbreviations.  Below is a list of them. There are others you will learn as time goes on.

mIRC Abbreviations

lol = laughing out loud
brb = be right back
rofl = rolling on floor laughing
ggp = gotta go p or potty
Some channels have rules for you to read and it best to do so. Infraction of the rules in any channel usually carries a warning the first time, but repeated infractions are dealt with a bit harsher. You
may find the you’ve been kicked from the channel by one of the channel operators, or worse, banned. Usually you won’t be banned unless you repeatedly refuse to follow the rules.Lastly a word about etiquette. As long as you are polite and nice and do your best to be as clear as possible when chatting you should have few, if any difficulties, but there is always that faction in any group that does things simply because they can. You may on occasion run into them so be prepared.

If someone seems unduly antagonistic toward you, you can try to find out why, if this doesn’t bring satisfactory results you can always  type /ignore <nick-of-the-offending-person>. If someone you don’t know or haven’t been talking to tries to send you a file by DCC, don’t accept it until and/or unless you find out what the file is, there have been some viruses sent to unsuspecting newbies and even some seasoned IRCers that have caused major problems for the people who accepted and opened them. Don’t forget, if in doubt ask, there is always someone ready and willing to help.

(Editors Note: Most virus are sent as a .exe or .ini file type, do not accept those file types unless from someone you know, such as a friend or co-worker sending you a program.A .gif or .jpg is a picture file, and is the most commonly sent file.Most .gif or .jpg files are harmless, but be careful.  In any case, be careful when accepting files.You can reject a file transfer, without causing any harm to your computer).

And if nobody in the channel you have chosen can help, you can go to's Channel on Dalnet at #chatmag,  #irchelp or # mIRC Help or #mIRC 4Dummies.
There u have it all the basics to get you started, Happy Chatting!!

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